Redditors are reporting serious issues with withdrawing money and coins from cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. They’re also warning that any exchange using Tether to peg coins to dollars and euros may be insolvent. The legal terms on Tether’s own website are also creating concern, as pointed out by Twitter user @bitfinexed: “There is no contractual right or other right […]

He has also highlighted other shady behavior, like the Bitfinexed tether TradingView. Sign In Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People May 21, 2018 · The most important benefit that Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies have brought to us is a low-entry barrier to deploy our own currency and financial ledger. This means that, now, we can easily implement the concepts of Free Banking. This has been going on for years, follow @bitfinexed if you're curious, he's one of the original guys who caught onto this, and has been unraveling the story for quite a while. Btw, if you want to make money trading btc simply watch when the tethers are printed. Within 24 hours they'll be used on the exchanges to pump up the price of btc.

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81. Bitfinexed (5051727) (email not shown publicly) Bitfinexed's Achievements. Had a Comment Modded Up Posted a Comment Days Read in a Row Bitfinexed's Comments. A lot of it is fake money. Bitfinexed's Tags. slashdot (submissions) Dec 05, 2017 · Long time critic of Bitfinex and Tether @bitfinexed has been threatened by a lawsuit brought by the law firm Steptoe & Johnson on behalf of Bitfinex.. In the long running battle between @bitfinexed and the Bitfinex exchange, @bitfinexed has long claimed market manipulation through the use of Tethers which he claims are not backed by real currency and were used in order to artificially boost Nov 20, 2017 · Mempool is nearly empty 8 days after historic fees BTG wallet exploit used Google Analytics Colored coins coming to BCH? Bitfinexed asks some good questions BTG wallet expoit analysis: https://www Sep 09, 2010 · Bitfinex is a customer of Tether.

Not at all. The original idea of Tether was great, a cryptocurrency that is ‘backed’ by the dollar. Investors loved Tether as it was a safe haven for storing profits.


Within 24 hours they'll be used on the exchanges to pump up the price of btc. Not like lead, maybe like iron or steel. The climb up doesn't compare to the drop down at 5:30. Edit: The drop happened a few minutes after this news Not at all.

@bitfinexed was killed by axa's and bilderberg's death squad and replaced by a soulless android everybody knows

Let us not forget BTC is a finite amount, more people are going to increase demand/price, if you think this is a bubble you haven’t seen anything yet. TL;DR: What attributes qualify a crypto to be a Sh* t Coin?


Feb 21, 2018 The @bitfinexed Twitter account and Medium blog collected an impressive amount of evidence against Bitfinex that included manipulation  28 ноя 2017 #DontGetTethered (@Bitfinexed) November 27, 2017. Токены USDT торгуются на многих криптовалютных биржах.

The Nov 07, 2019 · Bitfinex is one of those exchanges. At one point, it was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. As you probably know by now, they worked with (and secretly owned) a Stablecoin called Tether that issued a cryptocurrency token pegged to a value of $1. Nov 03, 2018 · (@Bitfinexed) November 1, 2018 These discrepancies, rather than assuaging investor concerns, have further raised red flags in their minds. Sharing such a letter on social media may prove to be Following the account suspension, WhalePool, a Twitter account representing Bitfinex traders as well as shareholders, tweeted, “It is criminal that @bitfinexed made up a fake lawsuit to steal $50,000 from the public.

- 1 -. Bitfinex/Tether 的丑闻. 尽管纽约 总检察长于2019 年4 月25 日对Bitfinex 提起诉讼,但Bitfinex 的  Jan 19, 2018 From April to mid-august when Spoofy is outed by @Bitfinexed, the price of Bitcoin goes from $1080 to $4376. During that price increase,  Mar 21, 2018 @Bitfinexed Bitfinex/Tether's auditor.http://news.8btc.com/zhao-dong-forced- liquidate-9000-btc-on-bitfinex-in-one-day … (0). Share.


USDT, the person tweets daily, is all a fraud. 8,000 miles from the bar in New York City, a crypto exchange in Hong Kong named Bitfinex has become flush with a new batch of USDT, $100 million worth by Bitfinexed on Friday September 01, 2017 @04:40PM There's a significant amount of wash trading and fake money pumping up the prices of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. A marketcap of 175 billion doesn't mean people bought 175 billion worth of cryptos. With 10 million dollars you can increase the market cap of Bitcoin by over 2 billion dollars 9/12/2017 The Twitter account of “Bitfinex’ed,” the pseudonymous online critic of the world’s largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, was suspended today. The 10/16/2018 6/24/2019 Accounts like @Bitfinexed and @bccponzi do the whole community a whole lot of good, in our opinion, by revealing the crazy basis on which people are saying Bitcoins are worth U$. In fact, the latter account warned people about BitConnect for months before the bomb went off.

Things to keep in mind if you disagree: Nov 03, 2019 · Plus, even if you did know about all of this (as some people did, like @bitfinexed on Twitter, who I’m indebted to for helping us understand everything), it can be really lonely yelling “fraud” when everybody’s too busy getting rich.

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Although some in the blogosphere and press have expressed skepticism regarding the USD reserves backing Tether,5 5 For example, see posts by Bitfinex'ed account at https://medium.com/@bitfinexed and Popper . the cryptocurrency exchanges largely reject such concerns and widely use …

Jun 8, 2020 about the project is because of an anonymous Tweeter, going by the handle @ Bitfinexed, who seemingly has nothing better to do than listen  Apr 14, 2019 Bitfinex'ed (@Bitfinexed) April 13, 2019.